Title: I Am Cuba, Restored and Reimagined
Description: Newly restored and screening tonight, I Am Cuba raises questions about the ways film negotiates authenticity.
Credit: Author
Publication: Hyperallergic
Date: February 2019

Title: Chicagoans Speak Out at Last Public Hearings on Police Reform Plan
Description: A summary of what Chicagoans told Federal Judge Dow at the last public hearings regarding the proposed Chicago police consent decree.
Credit: Co-author, with Nissa Rhee and Yazmin Emilia Dominguez
Publication: The Chicago Defender
Date: October 2018

Title: Weigh In On Chicago’s Court-Enforced Police Reform Plan Before It’s Finalized
Description: An article published ahead of the last public hearing on the Chicago Police Department consent decree, a court-enforced agreement between the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago, outlining highlights from the document and encouraging Chicagoans to weigh in.
Credit: Co-author, with Nissa Rhee and Yazmin Emilia Dominguez
Publication: Block Club Chicago
Date: October 2018

Title: The Need to Know
Description: A sketch for future work on sentencing algorithms and the role of predictive algorithms in the criminal justice system. i/C/U: Connection and Control was a reading group, publication, and art exhibition curated by Hiba Ali between August and September 2018 in conjunction with home school, a Portland-based critical theory and art pop-up school founded by manuel arturo abreu.
Credit: Author
Publication: i/C/U: Connection & Control
Date: September 2018

Title: Big Little Lies and Networks of Trauma
Description: "I'm supposed to be writing about Harun Farocki, but last night I binge-watched the first season of Big Little Lies, HBO's television drama about wealthy Californians embroiled in a murder investigation, and now it's all I can think about."
Credit: Author
Publication: Contango
Date: June 2018

Title: What Historical Treasures Are Housed In Chicago Public Libraries?
Description: We crisscrossed the city and talked to Chicago Public Library archivists about some of the historical "treasures" the library holds in its expansive archives.
Credit: Producer (Reporter, Writer, Photographer)
Publication: Curious City
Date: March 2018

Title: Still Here: Vietnam War Stories from Illinois
Description: An audio documentary by John Fecile that tells the stories of soldiers, draft resisters, and war refugees from Illinois.
Credit: Archival media researcher
Publication: The 21st Show
Date: December 2017

Title: How to Travel to Cuba on a People to People Exchange
Description: An interview with three people-to-people tour providers about how to travel to Cuba in 2017.
Credit: Writer, Interviewer
Publication: Cuba One Foundation
Date: November 2017

Title: What Happens After a Fatal Shooting?
Description: An illustrated explainer that responds to questions that arose at community conversations around WBEZ's Every Other Hour project: How are shootings investigated in Chicago? Who is involved, and what are they responsible for?
Credit: Producer (Reporter, Illustrator)
Publication: Every Other Hour
Date: October 2017

Title: Rules of the Road: Do They Apply to Chicago Cops?
Description: An article that investigates the way something as minor as a traffic violation can have far-reaching consequences when it comes to police accountability in Chicago.
Credit: Producer (Reporter, Writer, Illustrator)
Publication: Curious City
Date: July 2017

Title: How Gun Laws Affect the ATF
Description: A graphic timeline that charts major U.S. gun laws, and how they have helped — and hindered — law enforcement trace illegal firearms over time.
Credit: Producer
Publication: Every Other Hour
Date: May 2017

Title: History of Violence: Chicago During the Capone Era and Today
Description: An article that aims to challenge popular notions about Chicago gun violence, including the idea that it is more "random" today than during Prohibition.
Credit: Producer (Reporter, Writer, Archival researcher, Illustrator)
Publication: Curious City
Date: June 2017

Title: A Peek into the Archives: Gerber/Hart Library and Archives
Description: A video profile of the Gerber/Hart Library and Archives, the largest LGBTQ archive in the Midwest.
Credit: Co-producer (Camera operator, Interviewer)
Publication: Curious City
Date: May 2017

Title: The Nazi's Neighborhood
Description: An article and audio story by Jesse Dukes that traces the history of Chicago's neo-Nazi movement to the Marquette Park neighborhood.
Credit: Archival researcher, Video editor
Publication: Curious City
Date: April 2017

Title: The Life of a CTA Token
Description: A web comic that imagines the life of a Chicago Transit Authority token.
Credit: Producer
Publication: Curious City
Date: March 2017

Title: What the 'L' Happened to CTA Tokens?
Description: An article by reporter Laura Pavin that looks at what became of the now-defunct way to pay for public transit in Chicago.
Credit: Archival media researcher, Illustrator
Publication: Curious City
Date: March 2017

Title: Out in the Cold: What's it like to be homeless in Chicago during the Winter?
Description: An interactive experience, produced with Twine, that takes you through some of the choices homeless folks in Chicago are forced to make on an everyday basis.
Credit: Co-producer, Illustrator
Publication: Curious City
Date: February 2017

Title: Out in the Cold: Where do Chicago's homeless go in the Winter?
Description: A print and audio story produced by WBEZ reporter Odette Yousef about how homeless Chicagoans get through the winter.
Credit: Photographer
Publication: Curious City
Date: February 2017

Title: Moonbone
Description: A short prose piece that was the winner of the 2016 Robert J. Demott Short Prose Prize.
Credit: Author
Publication: Quarter After Eight, Vol. 23
Date: January 2017

Title: Toda Fuerza
Description: A narrative nonfiction piece about visiting Cuba in 2016 that accompanies a photo essay by Steven Garcia for the inaugural zine of Toda Fuerza, a Miami and Havana-based skateboarding company.
Credit: Writer
Publication: Toda Fuerza
Date: November 2016

Title: The Interview Show: Saba
Description: An interview by Mark Bazer with hip-hop artist Saba after the release of his mixtape "ComfortZone".
Credit: Camera Operator #3
Show: The Interview Show, WTTW
Date: October 2014